About us

Bijk is real-time performance monitoring for Linux servers.

About us - Bijk.com

Bijk is a new start-up from central Europe. Our target is to become the best and most used server performance and availability monitoring facility on the global market.

The idea of developing Bijk comes from the beginning of 2008. Since then, two people have been working hard on it and since the start of 2010, we have been marketing the vision of the new Bijk company.

Bijk.com is now used by Linux administrators from all around the world. We have users from the USA, the UK, India, New Zealand, Fiji, the UAE, Egypt, etc.

Every day we work to improve functionality and make a complete contribution to you — our users.

The start-up and development of Bijk.com is organized by a young and dynamic team of people, who decided to start an undefined but very interesting project — Bijk.com.

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Bijk Team Bios


Zdenek Cendra - CEO (*1986), he co-founded Bijk in 2008 and is responsible for management, development and marketing.

In the past, he established a hosting company, which developed into a top-five company in the Czech and Slovakian managed services market. Since 2002, he has been involved with server products in the Czech market.


Marek Fiala - CTO (*1985), he co-founded Bijk in 2008 and is responsible for development, testing, implementation and operation.

Before Marek joined Bijk team, he founded a community server for music fans, which became leading on czech market.


Ondrej Letocha (*1985) is responsible for the user interface and development of the client sections to be easily used by every user.

Ondrej has experience in rich-media applications development.

Our partner

Superhosting logo

SuperHosting.cz is a leading managed server provider in the Czech and Slovak market.

Since 2004, SuperHosting has operated two data centers, more than 2000 servers with 55 Gbps traffic and continues to grow.

The cooperation between Bijk and SuperHosting supports Bijk in terms of new experience and needs from Linux administrators. Bijk.com is supported by SuperHosting.