Bijk Platform

Be ready to sell your new SaaS products within just a few days.

Become a Bijk partner

With Bijk as a partner you always provide the latest monitoring solutions to your customers. automates your monitoring and alerting processes so you can focus on your core business. Partner Benefits

Sales benefits

  • Always provide the latest SaaS Monitoring to your customers
  • Start selling key SaaS products within less than a week
  • Full integration to your brand and control panel
  • Minimize your financial risk, 0 USD activation fee
  • Improve your monthly sales from each customer
  • Focus on your core business


Partner Start

  • First 2 months free without any limitations
  • Activation fee: 0 EUR
  • Each server: 2 EUR / month
  • Minimum number of servers: 50
  • SMS package 100 SMS: 4 EUR

Partner Extended

  • First 6 months free without any limitations
  • Activation fee after 6 months: 400 EUR
  • Each server: 1-2 EUR / monthly (depending on amount)
  • Minimum number of servers: 100
  • SMS package 100 SMS: 4 EUR

Easy technical integration

  • Secure API for remote control (Add, Remove, Edit servers)
  • Secure API for Alerts (read alerts status for all servers)
  • Design with your logo
  • Hosted on our servers in Central Europe, UK and US
  • Support for all major Linux distributions