Alerts offers a service that can notify you when something goes wrong. You can receive alerts by email or SMS.

Alerts - SMS & Email

Don't worry about your servers. Our system alerts you when something will not work. You can receive an alert when the server stops responding, the web page doesn't load quickly, space on your hard drive is running out, or load is higher than defined value.

Key features:

SMS & email alerts included in all plans.

• Alerts about 80 sensors from your server.

• More recipients for each alert.

• Alert history.

• Fast alert setup.

Setup alerts is easy. Check our Video Tutorial:

SMS Alert on iPhone/Android and other smartphones:

SMS Alert text: - example

server-www ; http check ; > Not responding. ; From: 04:26:01 PM, 2011-01-06 ; Alert count last week: 7 x

Most used alerts

  • Ping - server not responding.
  • Url - web page not responding or loading slowly.
  • Load - server load is higher than usual.
  • Service - some service (SSH, SMTP) not responding.
  • Disk space - free space is lower than defined value.
  • Updates - software is not up to date.

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